131 to 328 ft/min


1 or 2


woven and knitted

Fabric type

Precision scouring and bleaching for cotton

The continuous de-sizing, scouring, and bleaching process provided by the EFI™ Mezzera BLEACHING line allows for the removal of the size and degrading of the waxes and natural fats contained in the natural cotton (scouring or alkaline boiling), and the oxidizing of the chromophores molecules.

Features and Benefits

Key features

– Under-liquor fluted rolls for improved mass exchange
– Internal countercurrent
– Single and double thread-in
– Customized solutions
– Water-saving
– High washing efficiency
– Working water temperature up to 216 °F
– Wide versatility
– ACTIV-SAT wet on wet high-efficiency impregnation
– ACTIV– STEAM (steaming section single tied strand and combined with roller bed)

Key benefits

– Multiple customizations available
– Faster response to production requests
– Low maintenance costs
– Easy to use and maintain
– Easy access to main machine modules
– One operator can manage the line
– High and uniform bath application on the fabric
– High interchange from bath and fabric
– Low bleaching liquor volume
– Precise dosing system of the chemical products


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