up to 394 ft/min


2 – movable with variable intensities


thermo regulator

Temp. control


Fabric type

The critical step to a beautiful garment

The EFI™ Mezzera SINGEING machine is an excellent way to obtain high-quality finished garments. When the short fibers that stick out of yarn are singed, the fabric becomes smooth and clean, enhancing the fabric and giving it greater resistance to dirt. Singeing also greatly reduces pilling, making it indispensable for the pre-printing process of fabrics.

Features and Benefits

Key features

– Modern singeing and impregnating technology
– Two movable burners with variable flame intensities
– Top or top/bottom fabric treatment
– Automatic chemical-product dosage based on weight of goods

Key benefits

– Maximum speed of 394 ft/min
– Low energy consumption
– Thermoregulator temperature control
– Intense and efficient liquor washing
– Simple and intuitive control system for important operating parameters

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