up to 216 °F

Working temp.

single and double



Fabric type

The high-efficiency washing line

The EFI™ Mezzera ACTIVA washing unit line is ideal for all applications that utilize mass exchange by dilution between fabric and liquor as the main washing mechanism. The technology comes from our deep experience in washing any type of fabric and for any kind of application – such as washing after dyeing, washing after mercerizing, or bleaching after printing.

Features and Benefits

Key features

– Under-liquor fluted rolls for improved mass exchange
– Internal countercurrent
– Single and double thread-in
– Multiple customized solutions available
– High washing efficiency
– Working water temperature up to 216 °F
– Runs at low fabric tension
– Wide versatility

Key benefits

– Fast response to production requests
– Water savings
– Low maintenance costs
– Easy maintenance
– Easy access to main machine modules
– Easy to use
– One operator can manage the line


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