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EFI Reggiani UNICA Rotary Printer

71, 94, 126 in

Print width

closed bearing and self-aligning


up to 24

Printing stations

295 ft/minute

Max. productivity

from 25 to 40 in, stepless adjustment

Printing repeat range

Analog excellence for premium quality

EFI™ Reggiani made its name through the UNICA rotary screen printer. Customers around the world are printing woven and knitted fabrics, wide and narrow widths, for household and fashion — with unrivaled productivity and profitability.


Dust and lint removal device

Efficient system removes dust and lint from the fabric to be printed. New inverter allows the reduction of torque and modulation of the suction required.

New blanket washing system

Considerably reduces water consumption. Two brushes – one for each tank – work with variable speed to optimize blanket cleaning. Four rubber squeegees clean and dry the blanket perfectly.

Pneumatic stainless-steel pumps

Provide different deliveries for perfect control. High-quality components allow the use of color pastes with different viscosities, assuring perfect printing evenness.

Closed-bearing printheads

Self-aligning screen holders provide high precision and accuracy, evenness in screen tension, and perfect driving of the screen. There’s no risk of damaging the screens, because there is no mechanical wearing, and the printheads are completely sealed and lubricated so there’s no maintenance needed. One operator can easily install the screen, and has optimum control/access to the printing, even with big repeats thanks to the large distance between the printhead.

Uniflux linear magnetic system

Provides perfect evenness and uniformity, even with wide-width fabrics. No center-right, center-left effect, and offers high flexibility. Digital printing pressure uses stepless adjustment, from ultra-low to very high pressure. It’s a highly efficient system with very low energy consumption. There’s no pole-to-pole overpressure (typical in multi-beam magnet systems).

Multi-repeat printheads

Pneumatically and electronically controlled between 25 and 40 in (640 and 1018 mm), and no tools are needed to change the repeat. The operator sets the repeat value on the main touch screen, raising the printheads so the screens can be easily installed on the machine without any extra mechanical parts to save time.


EFI Reggiani UNICA Rotary Printer

EFI Reggiani UNICA Rotary Printer

Rotary printing machine. Technology and tradition for the best quality.

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