EFI Armor Coatings

EFI Armor Coatings
When your print wears Armor, it’s ready for anything.

Whether you’re printing on rigid boards, flexible media or thermoforming materials, you need to protect your print from the sun, weather, wear and tear, even chemicals. EFI™ has the post-printing coating formula for success – EFI Armor. Our line of proprietary products does a lot more than coat. It defends. It shields. It guards. It preserves.

Protect your print from graffiti or create stunning dry-erase applications.
When your print wears Armor, it’s ready for anything.
Shield printed graphics on flexible materials against the elements.
Protect the color of printed graphics on rigid materials.
Defend your great thermoforming applications on rigid materials.
Guard printed graphics from sun and element exposure, and harsh solvents and chemicals.
This is a white paper describing the deep-draw thermoforming processes and the challenges this market is facing


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