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With more than 60 years of innovation, research, and technological excellence, EFI Reggiani (which includes the Reggiani Macchine, Mezzera, and Jaeggli brands) is a worldwide provider of complete solutions for the textile market, with a focus on the development of sustainable processes. With the high quality and performance of its machines and outstanding service to its customers, today EFI Reggiani is the premiere manufacturer of traditional digital printing machines and pre-post treatment machines (such as washing systems, bleaching, dyeing, etc.).

EFI Reggiani delivers an overall solution for the whole textile process, starting from yarn treatment to fabric printing and finishing. EFI Reggiani designs, manufactures, sells, and services high-quality machines across the globe for a wide variety of substrates and applications (fashion, home textile, sportswear, signage, flooring, automotive, and outdoor). EFI Reggiani’s innovations are the result of extensive research targeted to improve productivity and quality, optimize the textile manufacturing process, and reduce energy and water consumption, as well as environmental impact.

EFI Reggiani has a worldwide network of local agents, distributors, and after-sales service centers in crucial markets, allowing for efficient, timely, and effective support to customers.

The experience, the human resources, and technological innovations that EFI Reggiani brings to the market today make EFI Reggiani a leader for development, growth, and approach to the textile manufacturing sector.

Fuel Cell Reggiani

...is the added value of technical and technological tailored textile solutions guaranteed by an excellent long lasting tradition in the textile market.

...is the expression of belonging to a reality the world-wide textile market recognizes in its brands and in the great number of machines installed.

In a more demanding and competitive global market EFI Reggiani represents the partner of reference in terms of technological solutions, prices and service.
Green Approach

Green Processes
EFI Reggiani develops ‘Green processes’ in order to reduce consumption and minimize environmental impact

Green Efficiency
New approach that combine quality and production efficiency with environment respect

Green Certification
In 2010 EFI Reggiani undertook a certification process as commitment to customers in order to offer eco-sustainable processes guaranteed by “Green Label”

Green Performance
Reggiani respects the environment without compromising machine performances

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