EFI Reggiani VOGUE

A master of speed and quality while saving energy

Most fashionable qualities? Mastering speed and tension to ensure the most accurate fabric handling. Plus, VOGUE’s innovative ink recirculation system grants ink saving and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages. Even more, VOGUE reduces the need for environmental conditioning, saving energy.



  • Standard: CMYK+OBRV
  • High-precision transportation belt
  • Full variable drop size
  • Head crash protective system
  • Ink management: in line, continuous degassing and filtering
  • Ink supply system with feeding by tanks max 12 liters
  • Self-cleaning
  • Adhesion method: thermoplastic, permanent, resin
  • Embedded magnetic system for adhesive application
  • Steel beam with linear moto and magnetic encoder
  • Carriage running on stainless steel linear guides
  • Stainless steel head plate with recessed nozzle protection
  • Higher uniformity printing modes, with smoothing feature
  • Innovative and adaptive GUI with advanced queuing features
  • EFI Go! for real-time factory and printers monitoring
  • Ink system open to certified suppliers
  • Possibility to monitor and export all printing and machine data to an external DB or ERP
  • Software open to main RIP vendors


  • Smaller footprint on a single block
  • Easy and cost-efficient maintenance
  • Suitable for 24/7 operation
  • One operator can manage multiple machines