EFI Reggiani VOGUE

A master of speed and quality while saving energy

Most fashionable qualities? Mastering speed and tension to ensure the most accurate fabric handling. Plus, VOGUE’s innovative ink recirculation system grants ink saving and reduces maintenance during machine operation and between stoppages. Even more, VOGUE reduces the need for environmental conditioning, saving energy.


The EFI Reggiani VOGUE has new EFI Reggiani printing software, integrated environmental sensors, and an EFI Reggiani printing server, making it EFI’s revolutionary, cutting-edge textile printer.

At a glance

New EFI Reggiani printing software:

  • Real-time image processing to convert images without additional calculation
  • Allows ink calculation and speed prediction before printing
  • Automatically detects width of substrate, allowing image auto centering and set margins

Head electronic:

  • Embedded in a fully enclosed protection cap with single cable
  • Easier printing head removal and simplified print carriage layout
  • Quick and tool-free head alignment

Integrated environmental sensor:

  • Monitors temperature and humidity in printing chamber with on-screen reporting
  • Warns the operator when values are exceeding the set point

EFI Reggiani printing server:

  • Equipped with RAID 5 high-speed disks providing high data transfer and redundancy
  • Incorporated UPS for data security
  • New enhanced ink recirculation system, up to 95% of ink saving
  • Integrated water filtration system
  • Fiery proServer optimized for EFI Reggiani printers (optional)
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