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High-quality printing with
Genuine EFI Nozomi Inks

Through our R&D efforts in advanced ink formulation, EFI’s unique LED inks and primers for EFI™ Nozomi single-pass corrugated packaging printers are designed with the specific properties needed to produce brilliant images on corrugated cardboard substrates.

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Superior color and performance

The ink droplets bond together when deposited before curing, resulting in great coverage, intense colors, and a glossy finish that really stands out. For this reason, graphics do not need a post-print top coat application. Inks are odorless, maintain flexibility for creasing, and are hard enough to withstand rubbing.

100% LED cured

Inks are 100% LED cured, with one cure lamp, leveraging wet-on-wet technology to accurately place CMYKOV. This eliminates the need to add multiple curing lamps between colors, saving maintenance costs and power consumption.

Wide color space

With the six-color configuration (CMYK+OV), 97% of the Pantone® gamut is covered. This translates into great visual richness in photographic printing and allows matching brand colors without the need for spot colors.

Optional white ink

Can be used as a base to print on dark substrates for photographic printing and reproducing brand colors, as well as to create special effects, such as spot gloss and premium packaging with the use of metallic liners.

Energy efficient

LED curing of UV inks offers significant energy efficiency and power savings versus alternative inkjet technology and conventional flexo. There is no drying required. Independently verified by Fogra to use 35% less energy than flexo. 

Extended printhead life

UV LED inks preserve the lifespan of the printheads. On average less than 20% of printheads are replaced per year.

Environmentally Friendly

EFI Nozomi LED inks for corrugated packaging are GREENGUARD- and GREENGUARD Gold-certified, meeting UL’s rigorous standards for low-level emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) intended to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure. They also meet OCC-E certification for reliability and recyclability (testing performed at Western Michigan University) and are

UL GREENGUARD-certified inks with low-level emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

UL GREENGUARD Gold-certified inks meet even lower total VOC emission levels for use in sensitive indoor environments, such as schools and hospitals.

OCC-E certified for recyclability and repulpability.

Energy efficient
based on the ISO 20690 Annex A energy standard.

Performance-enhancing primers

EFI’s water-based primers for corrugated packaging have been specifically designed to control ink drop dispersion and enhance the performance of EFI Nozomi LED inks.

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  • Optimized for coated papers
  • Results in better printing quality with greater saturation and color intensity
  • Versatile with optimal results for different printing conditions