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EFI™ superwide- and wide-format roll-to-roll LED printers feature a rich collection of value-added options and software that transform them into all-in-one, multi-purpose platforms – expanding your capabilities, application offerings, and profit opportunities.

Inline Finishing Workflow

EFI’s unique inline finishing workflow automates the complete printing and finishing process on the fly and in a single system. The system can include all or any combination of the following components: printing, automatic inspection of printed output, printing customer information on the back of the media, vertical slitting and trimming, horizontal cutting, and rolling of the final graphics into scrolls and taping the edges with labels with printed job information.

Inline finishing workflow benefits

Y-slit and X-cut
Roll & Tape
  • Saves valuable time and eliminates bottlenecks at finishing stations
  • Replaces additional expensive finishing equipment and saves valuable floor space
  • Ensures perfect print quality with minimal operator intervention
  • Prevents finishing, shipping, and installation errors
  • Increases yield

Inline Finishing Options

Y-slitter – for the vertical trimming of margins or slitting media into multiple jobs, minimizing media waste and increasing the printing area.

  • Simultaneous printing and media cutting on the Y-axis
  • Modifiable configurations include:
    • Single-bladed for trimming margins
    • Double-bladed for slitting of single media into two jobs (blades are fixed 0.3 in/8 mm apart)
  • Simple and easy installation with no tools required
  • Easy manual adjustment of the slitter position along the printer table
  • Retractable blades for maximum safety
  • And waste collectors to roll up trimmed remnants, increasing overall productivity and eliminating the mess

X-cutter – unique roll-to-sheet horizontal cutter incorporated in the printer.

  • Controlled via the front-end software
  • Does not affect productivity
  • Automatically cuts media on the X-axis between jobs on the fly
  • Saves valuable time at the finishing station
  • Replaces expensive cutting equipment and saves space
  • Prevents finishing errors and increases yield

InSpec – vision system installed on the print carriage that performs automatic inline print quality monitoring for single and multi-roll printing. Includes a camera and light source as well as dedicated electronics and software. Designed to identify print imperfections in real-time during the print process, fix them when possible, and alert the user.

ID backprint – a device that prints file information on the back of the media, facilitating the identification of finished jobs for packing, shipping, and installation.

  • Printed data includes:
    • File ID
    • Printing date and time
    • Print mode
    • Copy number and more
  • Eliminates the need for manual labeling
  • Helps prevent shipping errors
  • Saves time during installation of the printed job

Roll & Tape – an automated device that takes printed cut sheets directly from the printer, rolls them into scrolls and tapes the edge with labels that have job information printed on them.

  • Synchronized with the inline finishing workflow
  • Delivers labeled rolls immediately following printing
  • Includes a removable container that collects multiple rolled and marked jobs ready for delivery to the customer

Double-side Printing Options

Automatic blockout printing – an automatic system that enables printing on both sides of opaque blockout media, resulting in excellent registration between sides.

  • Accuracy of ≤ 0.08 in (2 mm) over 32 linear feet (10 linear meters)
  • Includes an optical sensor system, dedicated electronics, and software
  • Simple, easy, and fully automatic system
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork and manual manipulation
  • Reduces required operator skill level
  • Two available workflows to be defined before printing:
    • Head-to-head printing for short jobs where media is rolled back, flipped over, and reinstalled with side B up
    • Head-to-tail printing for longer jobs where printed media is collected on a front core, flipped over, and reinstalled with side B up


  • Single-roll printing for side B
  • Use of X-cutter and Y-slitters with automatic blockout is limited:
    • Slitters – possible according to built-in instructions
    • Cutter – can be used for side B

Automatic backlit printing – Automatic, patented system for perfectly aligned double-sided backlit printing on backlit media.

  • Accuracy of ≤ 0.08 in (2 mm) over 32 linear feet (10 linear meters)
  • Camera-guided software automatically corrects registration on the x, y, and tilt axes
  • Includes two cameras, LED strip along the printing table, and dedicated software
  • Simple, easy, and fully automatic system
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork and manual manipulation
  • Reduces required operator skill level

Color Options

White printing

colorful conference window graphics
  • Enables printing on colored and transparent media
  • Opens up a myriad of creative possibilities
  • Instant uptime of white printheads, thanks to advanced circulation system in the ink tanks and along the entire ink system
  • Multiple white print modes for various challenging applications:
    • White only
    • White as background
    • White on top of color
    • White for backlit applications (C-W-C)
    • Five-layer printing (C-W-B-W-C) for blockout printing on clear
  • Various additional multi-layer print modes

Seven-color printing

  • Enabled by adding three light colors: light cyan, light magenta, and light black
  • Based on the existing printhead configuration, without adding more heads


  • Expanded color gamut
  • Smooth gradient transitions
  • Vivid and crisp colors
  • Fine details
  • Smooth skin tones

UltraClear Coat

Gray couch in front of a gray textured wallpaper with selective clear applied as a special effect.
  • Printed inline, simultaneously with the image
  • Printed on top of the color layer
  • Enhances the output, adding extra pop to the colors and offering beautiful creative possibilities
  • Full flood or selective
  • Glossy or matte finish with the same ink
  • Provides three years of outdoor protection against:
    • Abrasion and scratching
    • Chemicals such as detergents, gasoline, and IPA
    • Weather damage
    • Air pollution
    • UV fading/yellowing
  • Saves time versus separate offline coating systems

Media Handling Accessories

Motorized winder – integrated winder and unwinder solution with motorized pneumatic inflatable core shafts for precise and excellent media collection.

  • Improves media advancement and print quality
  • Allows using larger and heavier rolls
  • Supports full printer width media as well as multi-roll printing:
    • 2 x 5.2 ft (2 x 1.6 m) units for 3 m printer models, front/back
    • 3 x 5.2 ft (3 x 1.6 m) units for 5 m printer models, front/back

Media collection kit – a set of accessories that facilitate neat media feeding/collecting, holding in place media rolls positioned directly on the rear or front of the printer to prevent them from shifting sideways.

  • Delivered with EFI VUTEk roll-to-roll printers (excluding the EFI Pro 32r+), the standard kit for single-roll media collecting includes:
    • One pair of back media limiters
    • One pair of front media limiters
    • One pair of media disks for attaching to both ends of
    • 3 in. core (can be used for both front and back)
  • Additional multi-roll media collection kits (front) can be ordered separately (one for 3 m, two for 5 m)

Media edge guard (MEG) – used for media types with uneven or wavy edges that tend to curl or unravel, such as textiles and wallpaper.

  • Designed to protect the print carriage and printheads from crashing into uneven media edges
  • Eliminates ruined jobs and prevents media waste
  • Can be attached quickly and easily with magnets anywhere along the printing table
  • Use as many units as needed and multiple units for multi-roll printing

Media spreaders – a pair of clamp-like devices that stretch the media sideways to enable neat media inlet to the printer.

  • Helps prevent potential media wrinkles
  • Improves media advance
  • Facilitates printing on various types of challenging media
  • Easy to install at both ends of the press beam on the rear of the printer
  • Position and tilt angle are adaptable to the media type and width
  • Two units are included as standard with VUTEk 5r+ and VUTEk Q5r printers

Three-meter super duty unwinder – fully integrated unwinder or rewinder option for EFI VUTEk roll-to-roll 3-meter and 5-meter printers.

  • Enables working with heavy 10 ft (3 m) media rolls up to 1,748 lbs (793 kg)
  • Enables continuous, uninterrupted work without stopping to change rolls
  • Increases productivity in high volume runs due to less make-ready
  • Equipped with dancer and external motor
  • Material width: 126 in (320 cm)
  • Maximum media diameter: 28 in (70 cm)
  • Standard 3 in core; optional 6 in core

Dual roll split shaft for the EFI Pro 32r+ – consists of two individual motorized airshafts. Ensure precise and accurate media collection and improved media advance, resulting in excellent print quality.

  • Enables printing simultaneously on two media rolls with different diameters
  • Tension between the rolls is automatically adjusted according to the media diameter
  • Media loading and unloading is flexible, simple, and quick
  • Shafts can be inflated to fixate the media and avoid shifting side to side
  • Supports media rolls up to 441 lbs (200 kg) per shaft

General Options

Wrinkle analyzer – helps avoid printhead strikes caused by media wrinkles, saving time and money by preventing ruined jobs and enabling the use of lower-cost media.

  • Media height detector identifies a media wrinkle before it reaches the printhead
  • The front-end software prompts the user to raise the carriage just enough to avoid a head strike that may ruin the job and, then, to resume printing

Mobile operator station – mobile workstation slides from its home position towards the middle of the printer.

  • Saves the operator from moving back and forth between the station and the output
  • Equipped with a touch screen for quick and easy operation
  • Increases productivity and usability

Software Options

Quality maintenance kit – enables printer operators to self-diagnose and fix print quality issues, including:

  • Uncalibrated printer
  • Missing or deficient nozzles
  • Self-ownership and fast onsite reaction
  • Minimizes service visits and increases uptime
  • Extends printhead lifespan up to 30% on average
  • The optional system includes software and a dedicated scanner

Media saving wizard

  • Designed to improve media stock management
  • The user enters the length of the media each time a new or partially used roll is loaded into the software
  • Before the media is removed from the printer, a label with the remaining media length is printed on the rim of the roll
  • The software will alert the user before starting a job if the remaining media on the roll is insufficient for the job

Use the Fiery IQ suite of cloud applications to connect your people, processes, and print devices to make better data-driven decisions that improve your ROI, minimize cost, maximize profit, and boost your revenue.

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