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EFI Reggiani TERRA Solution

71, 94, 134 in

Print widths

7,750 ft²/hr

Max. productivity

600 x 2400 dpi

Max. resolution



A faster, greener printing process

The EFI™ Reggiani TERRA solution eliminates the need for steaming or washing on direct-to-textile applications using a greener, more efficient polymerization process that takes place as the printed textile goes through the printer’s onboard dryer. As a result, users can achieve superior printing results in less time, and using less water and energy. The Reggiani TERRA solution is scalable as your business grows with a line of digital printers for direct printing on fabric and high-performance water-based pigment inks.



Environmentally friendly and a shorter process with inline polymerization that requires less water, less energy, and less processing time: no washing and no steaming needed. Complies with new pollution and wastewater environmental restrictive regulations (GOTS certified and accredited with Eco-Passport by OEKO-TEX®).

Inks that feed your need for speed

EFI Reggiani TERRA eco-friendly, water-based inks with innovative binder technology provide an extraordinary level of print durability and yield longer printhead life with reduced maintenance costs.

High performance

Superior dry and wet rubbing fastness, and high light fastness and printing definition.

Quality printing

High printability sharpness that allows you to print even the finest designs.

The most comprehensive pigment lineup in the industry

The EFI Reggiani TERRA digital printers line allows you to scale up as your business grows.


EFI Reggiani TERRA Solution

EFI Reggiani TERRA Solution

Whatever your desired printing capacity is, the EFI Reggiani TERRA solution will scale as per your business needs.

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