EFI Cretafit

Artificial vision system to adjust the printing position to the tile

Cretafit detects the position of the tile or plate in the transport at the entrance of the machine. This information is used to perfectly adjust the design or image to the position of the ceramic piece. All this is done on the fly, with no stops, no waiting, and no rendering time.

EFI Cretafit
The artificial vision camera included in Cretafit detects the position of each moving tile or plate on the conveyor belt at the printer entrance.

The position is transmitted to the printer software which performs the translation and rotation adjustment of the graphic before printing it on top of any single ceramic piece.

Cretafit can be installed on any of EFI Cretaprint’s 5th generation printers (C5, D5, M5, N5, P5 and Shield), as well as on EFI Cubik for tableware decoration.

With the perfect centering of the graphic on top of the tile or the plate to avoid overprinting, ink waste is reduced, the belt system remains clean, and above all, non-quality costs are improved. That
is, there are fewer defective tiles or plates to be discarded.