EFI Cretaprint D4

High quality printing and special finishes in a very compact machine

Add value to your tiles with the highest quality 12 bars inkjet printer to have full range of ceramic inks and digital effects for ceramic decoration. Achieve all sort of application with unprecedented versatility to fulfill the most demanding tile producers.  View Image Gallery


  • Compact frame: Robust machine with metal platform that has a compact frame holding up to 12 printing bars.
  • Transport system: Anti-vibration transportation that assures accuracy and stability. It also has a high quality guiding device. The conveyor belt includes a self-cleaning system.
  • Printing bars: Accessible sliding bars with a highly efficient vacuum system between bars.


  • Tile thickness detector: A dual laser at the machine’s entrance detects both the position and the thickness of each piece. Thus, printing bars come down and adjust themselves to the tile height.
  • Optimized ink system: It allows a faster and easier refilling without spillage thanks to its extractable ink tanks. The ink system tubing design makes it anti-settling and has a manual and automatic reverse flow. It is a flexible system allowing very fast ink changes and ink tests without emptying the tank.
  • Cleaning system: The printer uses an advanced automatic nozzle cleaning system that generates a significantly fewer permanently missing nozzles. As a result, print-heads have a much longer life.

Electronics and software

  • EFI Electronics: Image upload and data transmission is faster to get high performance: you can print and rip simultaneously as well as modify settings on the fly for small re-adjustments during production. The electrical system is completed by two UPS (uninterruptible power supply) standard. All data connections are supported by CAT6 cables.
  • Software: Fully touch screen. Navigation is friendly and basic functions are permanently on display. All main functions are accessible in 1-2 clicks. It includes additional features such as linearization, ink consumption calculation and TAS.
  • TAS (Tone Adjustment System): It is an intuitive interface that guides the user through the process of study and application of changes in tone or intensity to apply to a model. It allows adjustments in the system without use of external software or extensive knowledge in color management.