EFI Cretaprint M4

Reliability and flexibility for any ceramic product

EFI Cretaprint M4 allows the use of different print-heads and digital applications, even on the same machine. This, as well as its printing width, makes it a very flexible solution that will suit the needs of any ceramic producer. View Image Gallery

  • Ink System: The ink system allows a faster and easier refilling without spillage thanks to its fully extractable ink tanks. This new system uses fewer heaters and no stirrers. Tubing design makes the system anti-settling.  The reverse flow can be switched on just pressing a button on the display.
  • Advanced automatic nozzle cleaning system: it generates a significantly fewer permanently missing nozzles. Thus, in M4 printers print-heads have a much longer life than in other printers.
  • New Compact frame: This new printer’s generation has new compact and reduced frame that fits your production line and holds up to 8 printing bars.
  • Printing Bars: they are individual and can be pulled out if required, making accessible all the components for maintenance tasks. Bars separation has been optimized for a highly efficient steam and mist extraction, without compromising printing quality. Automatic height adjustment of the vacuum bars and automatic jetting distance adjustment has been included.
  • New EFI Electronics: Having own EFI electronics allows us to be more flexible when incorporating improvements. Our electronics cards are individual and fully protected for any print-head. Images upload is faster and the user can modify settings on the fly for small re-adjustments during production.
  • Tile thickness laser detector: A dual laser at the machine’s entrance detects both the position and the thickness of each piece. Thus, printing bars come down and adjust themselves to the tile’s height.
  • Vacuum: Highly efficient Vacuum system between bars.
  • New User Interface: Our new user interface is fully touch screen. Navigation is friendly and basic functions are permanently on display. All main functions are accessible in 1 or 2 clicks. Interface can be personalized with the customer logo.
  • It includes additional features such as TAS (Tone Adjustment System), linearization or ink consumption calculation. TAS is based on an intuitive interface that guides the user through the process of study and application of changes in tone or intensity to apply to a model. These features for all our machines enable adjustments or variations on existing models in the system without use of external additional software or extensive knowledge in color management.