EFI Matan 5

208 in

Max. print width

3,800 ft²/hr

Max. productivity

up to 600 dpi


CMYK + optional lc, lm, lk, white


Print beautiful graphics at production speeds

Accelerate your productivity and print quality at the best cost of ownership with the EFI™ Matan 5 superwide roll-to-roll printer. It offers maximum versatility for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.


Productive roll-to-roll printing

Quick and easy media loading that handles a wide variety of flexible substrates. Roll-to-roll, free-fall, and multi-roll (3 rolls of 63 in) at production speeds up to 3,800 ft2 per hour. 

White ink and multi-layer printing

Superb white ink printing performance in single- and multi-layer print modes.

Media savings

Unique roll loader for up to 300% better media utilization — only 15.7 in (40 cm) of wasted material on every roll loading.

Inline finishing

EFI’s unique roll-to-roll workflow automates the complete printing and finishing process on the fly and in a single system.
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Fiery Driven

Built-in Fiery® SE digital front end with color management workflow and RIP optimized for EFI printers.
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Power Tools to boost your capabilities and profits

Y-slitter – for the vertical trimming of margins or slitting media into multiple jobs, minimizing media waste and increasing the printing area.

  • Simultaneous printing and media cutting on the Y-axis
  • Modifiable configurations include:
    • Single-bladed for trimming margins
    • Double-bladed for slitting of single media into two jobs (blades are fixed 0.3 in/8 mm apart)
  • Simple and easy installation with no tools required
  • Easy manual adjustment of the slitter position along the printer table
  • Retractable blades for maximum safety
  • And waste collectors to roll up trimmed remnants, increasing overall productivity and eliminating the mess

X-cutter – unique roll-to-sheet horizontal cutter incorporated in the printer.

  • Automatically cuts media on the X-axis between jobs on the fly
  • Controlled via the front-end software
  • Does not affect productivity
  • Saves valuable time at the finishing station
  • Replaces expensive cutting equipment and saves space
  • Prevents finishing errors and increases yield

ID backprint – a device that prints file information on the back of the media, facilitating the identification of finished jobs for packing, shipping, and installation.

  • Printed data includes:
    • File ID
    • Printing date and time
    • Print mode
    • Copy number and more
  • Eliminates the need for manual labeling
  • Helps prevent shipping errors
  • Saves time during installation of the printed job

White printing

  • Enables printing on colored and transparent media
  • Opens up a myriad of creative possibilities
  • Instant uptime of white printheads, thanks to advanced circulation system in the ink tanks and along the entire ink system
  • Multiple white print modes for various challenging applications:
    • White only
    • White as background
    • White on top of color
    • White for backlit applications (C-W-C)
    • Five-layer printing (C-W-B-W-C) for blockout printing on clear
  • Various additional three- and five-layer print modes

Seven-color printing

  • Enabled by adding three light colors: light cyan, light magenta, and light black
  • Based on the existing printhead configuration, without adding more heads


  • Expanded color gamut
  • Smooth gradient transitions
  • Vivid and crisp colors
  • Fine details
  • Smooth skin tones

Automatic blockout printing – an automatic system that enables printing on both sides of opaque blockout media, resulting in excellent registration between sides.

  • Accuracy of ≤ 5 mm over 10 linear meters
  • Includes an optical sensor system, dedicated electronics and software
  • Simple, easy, and fully automatic system
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork and manual manipulation
  • Reduces required operator skill level
  • Two available workflows, to be defined before printing:
    • Head-to-head printing for short jobs where media is rolled back, flipped over, and reinstalled with side B up
    • Head-to-tail printing for longer jobs where printed media is collected on a front core, flipped over, and reinstalled with side B up


  • Single-roll printing for side B
  • Use of X-cutter and Y-slitters with automatic blockout is limited:
    • Slitters – possible according to built-in instructions
    • Cutter – can be used for side B

Automatic backlit printing – Automatic, patented system for perfectly aligned double-sided backlit printing on backlit media.

  • Accuracy of ≤ 0.08 in (2 mm) over 32 linear feet (10 linear meters)
  • Camera-guided software automatically correct registration on x, y, and tilt axes
  • Includes two cameras, LED strip along printing table, and dedicated software
  • Simple, easy, and fully automatic system
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork and manual manipulation
  • Reduces required operator skill level

Three-meter super duty winder – fully integrated unwinder or rewinder option for EFI VUTEk roll-to-roll 3m and 5m printers.

  • Enables working with heavy 10 ft (3 m) media rolls up to 1,748 lbs (793 kg)
  • Enables continuous, uninterrupted work without stopping to change rolls
  • Increases productivity in high volume runs due to less make ready
  • Equipped with dancer and external motor
  • Material width: 126 in (320 cm)
  • Maximum media diameter: 28 in (70 cm)
  • Standard 3 in core; optional 6 in core

Media spreaders – a pair of clamp-like devices that stretch the media sideways to enable neat media inlet to the printer.

Media Spreaders
  • Helps prevent potential media wrinkles
  • Improves media advance
  • Facilitates printing on various types of challenging media
  • Easy to install at both ends of the press beam on the rear of the printer
  • Position and tilt angle are adaptable to the media type and width

Wrinkle analyzer – helps avoid printhead strikes caused by media wrinkles, saving time and money by preventing ruined jobs and enabling the use of lower-cost media.

  • Media height detector identifies a media wrinkle before it reaches the printhead
  • The front-end software prompts the user to raise the carriage just enough to avoid a head strike that may ruin the job and, then, to resume printing

Media saving wizard

  • Designed to improve media stock management
  • The user enters the length of the media each time a new or partially used roll is loaded into the software
  • Before the media is removed from the printer, a label with the remaining media length is printed on the rim of the roll
  • The software will alert the user before starting a job if the remaining media on the roll is insufficient for the job
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