Superwide Roll-to-roll Printers

The best solutions for print providers of all types and sizes

EFI™ superwide roll-to-roll printers offer the best in roll-to-roll performance, versatility, cost of ownership, usability, and environmental friendliness. We work hard to always uphold our core standards, because we know your business depends on being the best.

Discover the best of EFI digital superwide roll-to-roll now.
Take your performance, efficiency and quality to the extreme with an advanced LED platform designed for enormous growth and success.

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EFI Pro 32r
Up your game with greater profitability and a strong competitive advantage.

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EFI Matan Quantum

Propel your business to the next level. Produce phenomenal high-definition image quality and offer the widest array of top-quality indoor graphics.

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EFI Matan 3

Fuel your success with EFI high-volume printers and enable your business to answer high demands for quality graphics in a varied range of applications. Equipped with a rich collection of optional accessories, EFI high-volume printers offer you unmatched versatility at the best cost of ownership.

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EFI Matan Value-Added Optional Accessories
A rich collection of value-added options turns the EFI Superwide Roll-to-roll Printers into all-in-one, multi-purpose printers.

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EFI Specialty Printers
EFI QuantumFlex printers are designed for printing closely-viewed fleet graphics, truck side curtains, floor graphics, and more, using a special combination of flexible ink and clear protective coating.

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EFI VUTEk Legacy Printers
EFI VUTEk high-performance dedicated roll-to-roll printers deliver eye-popping images with bright, consistent and accurate color.

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