EFI Matan 3

Print beautiful graphics at production speeds

This high-productivity dynamo will ensure that you are always ahead of your competition. With the highest standards of print quality, productivity and usability, this printer offers the best cost of ownership in its class.  

EFI Matan 3
  • C, M, Y, K + Optional LC, LM, LK and Optional white
  • Best production speed – 3,200 ft2 (297m2) per hour
  • Parallel Drop Size (PDS) technology with 20 and 40 pL drops
  • Resolution up to true 600 dpi
  • 3.5 a meter width
  • Supports the rich collection of Optional features and software that turn the EFI Matan 3 into an all-in-one multi-purpose printer, including:
      • Inline x-cutter
      • Inline Y-slitters
      • White ink
      • Automatic backlit printing
      • Automatic blockout printing
      • ID backprint
      • Super Duty Winder
      • Media Spreaders
      • Software productivity pack