EFI Nozomi 14000 LED All the reasons to go digital. Now

The perfect balance between transformative technology and real-world business needs

The Nozomi 14000 LED printer is EFI’s second generation of digital corrugated printers and fifth generation of high productivity single-pass industrial printers. Our worldwide installed base in the packaging and display industry speaks to the proven results and profitability you can expect with EFI.

EFI Nozomi 14000 LED
  • Up to 75 linear m/min 
  • Up to 328 linear ft/min 100 linear m/min for uncoated liners and ECO print mode
Media Handling
  • Max. board/sheet size (W x L): 55.12 in x 94.49 in · 140 x 240 cm
  • Min. board/sheet size (W x L): to 17.72 in x 17.72 in · 45 x 45 cm
  • Gap between boards: min 0.4 in · 10 mm
  • Board thickness range: 0.0314 in · 0,8-12 mm
Compact digital manufacturing line with several configurations available. Minimum footprint
from 77,75 ft · 23,7 m
  • Ink configurations
    W + CMYK
    W + O CMYK
  • Bottom feeder
  • Non-stop feeder
    Optional dual-lane
  • Roller coater
    Water coating IR drying 
    Versatile: allows vary amount of primer applied without stopping production
    Able to apply a larger amount of primer
  • Stackers
  • Full stacker
    Bundle stacker

Genuine EFI Inks
Unique LED inks with the specific properties needed to produce spectacular images on corrugated substrates. 

  • Optimal physical characteristics in terms of color and performance
  • Six colors and enhanced color gamut for Pantone® matching
  • Odorless and maintain flexibility for creasing, and are hard enough to withstand rubbing
  • Optional white ink can be used as a base to print on dark substrates for photographic printing and reproducing brand colors; it also can be used to create special effects, such as spot gloss, and premium packaging with the use of metallic liners
  • Accurate Pantone spot color reproduction, excellent gloss coating, and high graphic quality with a very reasonable ink consumption per square foot/meter
  • Extremely efficient when considering the total cost of the printed unit
  • Nozomi inks meet OCC certification for recyclability and re-pulpability, and also meet the GREENGUARD Gold Standard with no hazardous volatile organic compounds, and they do not require vapor recovery
Nozomi’s water-based primers have been specifically designed to control ink drop dispersion and enhance the performance of Nozomi inks.
  • Optimized for coated papers
  • Better printing quality with greater saturation and color intensity
  • Versatile with optimal results for different printing conditions
Fiery Driven
Fiery NZ-1000 digital front end
  • High-performance bladed hardware and job management      
    • Scalable-blade server architecture uses proprietary Fiery® HyperRIP advanced performance technology to process even the toughest jobs at engine rated speeds
    • Supports Adobe® PDF Print Engine to ensure consistent, predictable output
  • Intuitive, unified job management interface to efficiently manage all print production plus reduce waste and operator errors with Fiery Command WorkStation®
    • Prepress automation solutions to maximize operator’s productivity, avoid idle time on press, and meet tight turnaround time
    • Versioning and VDP processing at full press speed. Use the free Fiery FreeForm Create application to easily create personalized files
  • Exceptional color quality 
    • Fiery NZ-1000 comes with all essential color tools for calibrating, profiling, ink saving, spot color management, and industry compliance verification
    • Next-generation color technology with Fiery Edge™ profiles from Fiery Color Profiler Suite
    • Powerful spot color management for accurate brand colors with Fiery Spot Pro
    • Maintain color quality and uniformity with an automated inspection system 
    • Verify color accuracy for compliance with industry standards such as ISO and GRACoL (G7) with Fiery Verify
    • Accurately preview full-resolution post-RIP raster files in Fiery ImageViewer, including variable data content. Make color corrections on the fly without needing to re-RIP the file. 
  • Advanced imaging technology
    • Proper rendering of transparencies, overprints, gradients, and VDP elements to preserve the designer’s intent.
    • Supports Adobe® PDF Print Engine to ensure consistent, predictable output
    • Ability to preflight fonts, spot colors, low-resolution images, hairlines below threshold, overprints and PostScript® errors
  • Robust integration, estimation, and anaytics
    • Ink cost estimation for increased visibility to plan production improvements and determine job costs
    • Integration to third-party solutions through Fiery JDF, and use the popular RESTful Fiery APIs to develop custom integration for your specific needs
    • Part of the EFI ecosystem and integrates with EFI IQ™ cloud-based print production analytics solution
Fogra Certification
fogra EFI Nozomi 14000 LED is the first single-pass digital corrugated printer to achieve Fogra Certification. Driven by the Fiery® NZ-1000 digital front end (DFE), which provides advanced color control and market-leading image enhancement tools, it delivers quality and accuracy to every printed piece.
  • The single-pass inkjet printer received the Fogra Process Standard Digital (PSD) Print Check Certification according to: ISO 15311 - Digital printing production standard
  • ISO 12647/2 – Offset Printing production standard
  • Developed by Fogra, this certificate represents an industrially orientated and standardized procedure for the creation of digital print products. With a PSD certificate, packaging converters and corrugated display manufacturers using the Nozomi 14000 LED printer have additional, proven verification of the quality and reliability of their digital production.

    EFI offers official Fogra Certification services to Nozomi 14000 LED customers. The certification ensures box and display manufacturers that the printer output meets customer expectations related to gamut, fidelity, precision, and repeatability.