EFI Nozomi 14000 LED

55.12 x 94.5 in

Max. board size

up to 328 linear ft/min


native 360 dpi – effective 720 dpi


cmyk, cmyk+w, cmyk+o, cmyk+ov, cmyk+o+w

Color configurations

All the reasons to go digital – now

Take your corrugated printing business to the next level with the EFI™ Nozomi 14000 LED single-pass digital inkjet printer. Think of it as a transformative technology for increasing printing capabilities and crafting new business models. You can dramatically improve workflow, take on more customers, respond to customer changes faster, and deliver jobs with short turnarounds with the most efficient solution for high-quality graphics printing on corrugated.


High productivity and maximum efficiency

The Nozomi 14000 single-pass printer features a robust design for heavy industrial use with high reliability and productivity.

High-value applications

Access new markets and segments with higher value-added printed packaging that enables you to differentiate and capture new business opportunities, such as e-commerce, environmentally friendly packaging, customizations, and more.

High-quality graphics printing

The most efficient way to produce superior printed packaging that will enhance shopping and consumer experiences. Profit from the Nozomi 14000 printer’s perfect balance between color masses and text definition.

Mindful sustainability

The Nozomi 14000 LED printer balances efficient processes with lower resource consumption, reduced waste, and full recyclability, contributing to the circular economy of corrugated. Nozomi LED digital printers are the more sustainable printing option with reduced energy consumption.

Genuine EFI Inks

Unique EFI LED inks are designed with the specific properties needed to produce spectacular images on corrugated substrates. They meet OCC certification for recyclability and re-pulpability and also meet the GREENGUARD Gold standard with no hazardous volatile organic compounds, and no need for vapor recovery.

Driven by Fiery

The Fiery® NZ-1000 digital front end provides outstanding image and color quality with features to make print results truly exceptional.
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Fiery IQ

Use the Fiery IQ™ suite of cloud applications to connect your people, processes, and print devices to make better data-driven decisions that improve your ROI, minimize cost, maximize profit, and boost your revenue.
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Leading print providers choose EFI

Customer Story

The Delta Group leverages EFI Nozomi single-pass printing technology to remove process steps and waste and improve speed to market.

We’re always asking what we can do differently, what we can do to differentiate ourselves. That’s what led us to look at the Nozomi C18000.
Person Image

Martin Shipp

Chief Operating Officer

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Customer Story

Durham Box brings vision for the future to life with the EFI Nozomi C18000.

The future of print will mean digital is going to be significantly involved in corrugated packaging, and we want to be early to that party.

Daniel Morris

Joint Managing Director

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02 / 03

Customer Story

Peru’s largest corrugated packaging manufacturer, Trupal, is thriving in a changing market, using award-winning EFI Nozomi single-pass inkjet technology to support sustainability, create new opportunities, and delight customers with superior high-graphics packaging.

…we were seeking to simplify our printing processes, achieve greater flexibility, personalization, efficiency and even reduce waste in the offset process,"

Paola Medina

General Manager

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EFI Nozomi 14000 LED product overview

The EFI Nozomi 14000 LED single-pass digital inkjet printer for corrugated printing is a transformative technology for increasing printing capabilities and crafting new business models.

Picasso Jasper unlocks potential of corrugated packaging with EFI Nozomi digital printing

Apparel retailer Picasso Jasper partnered with EFI Nozomi digital printer user Complete Design to lift their subscription boxes and enhance the customer journey through versioned monthly box designs.

Carlisle Container Company Installs EFI Nozomi 14000 LED Printer

Diane Wolf, CEO of Carlisle Container Company, talks about her first impressions after installing the single-pass EFI Nozomi 14000 LED digital printer in her Pennsylvania, PA location.

EFI Nozomi Performance

EFI Nozomi Performance

An ebook talking about the performance and benefits of investing in the EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus single-pass printer for corrugated.

EFI Nozomi Color Quality

EFI Nozomi Color Quality

An ebook highlighting how the high color quality of the EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus single-pass printer can turn plain boxes into colorful brand magnets.

EFI Nozomi Sustainability

EFI Nozomi Sustainability

An eBook focusing on sustainability in packaging and the environmental impact of single-pass inkjet printing of corrugated boxes and packages.

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Genuine EFI Packaging Inks

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Genuine EFI Service